Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all dedicated and incomparable teachers all over the world. Special wishes go to all my beloved friends and foes at SMK Ayer Puteh Dalam, Madam Principal Puan Hajah Zobaidah bt Jainul Ali, respected senior assistants ( Cg Halim, Cg Yazi, my blogger friend Cg Samad ), senior teachers ( Cg Tai, Cg Ya,Us.Shatirah ),Mr Ibrahim ( Millenium Ustaz ), Mr.Yusri,Mr. Zoolceflee and arghh...........too many of them to mention.But they are all in my heart. I was suffering from quite a high fever on the day of the celebration ( 17th May 2009 ) so I could not join them.I tried to awaken myself but to no avail. Anyhow, to all my friends wish you all the best, SELAMAT HARI GURU !

Pantun( specially dedicated to Warga SMKAPD )

Pergi belayar ke lautan api,
Onak dan ranjau sanggup ku tempuhi,
Walau tsunami ataupun tsumawi,
SMKAPD tetap di hati!

Jawab bang/kak jangan tak jawab. Cg Manja tak kan tak boleh balas kot!

Thursday, May 14, 2009



In thunder and lightning
Here we come
Ladies and gentlemen
We are the students of SMKAPD
Teenagers of millennium
Present to you
One Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi- racial country
A country that belongs to all Malaysians
With a shared history and a belief in a shared future
Unity is the foundation of a multi racial Malaysia
A unique heritage of different races
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world
Malaysia, Truly Asia (All)
So divine...
The range is totally out of the world!!

We have Malaysians who made us proud
Datuk Jimmy Choo-the cheapest pair cost RM 3000!!! Really!!!!!!!
Datuk Bernard Chandran-the fashion designer extraordinary,
Datuk Azhar Mansur-the brave seafaring adventurer .
Datuk Siti Nurhaliza-the talented nightingale
Datuk Michelle Yeoh-the bond girl!
I wish to be the president of the united states of America (Single)
Don’t talk nonsense
Hey how about me being the new prime minister of Malaysia??(Single) .
Oh come on !!!

Malaysians we must have a sense of fairness
A common sense approach to the world
People will share if they have their fair share
They will listen if they are listened to
So we must create a nation
Where there is a fair share for all
And we must listen, discuss and
Hold onto our shared belief of being truly
One Malaysia!! (All)

Our vision!!
What?? What??
To live up to our expectations
To reach our goal
In the world of sports
Agony of defeat, glory of success
We’ve made of presence
Felt in more ways than one

Nicole Ann David squashing her rivals
With her skill and dexterity
Shalin Zulkilli will bowl you over
Strike!! Yes!! (Single)
Datuk Lee Chong Wei ruling the courts the world over
Our Malaysian sports stars-a beacon of hope and inspiration

Into the final frontier
Here we come
With our handsome astronaut (uuuhhhhh!)
A small step for Dr Sheikh Muzaffar
A giant leap for all Malaysians
He is the symbol of the possible
If he can do it so can we

The people are our greatest assets
And key to our future success
The shape of our country
Will be largely determined
By how we deal with the changes
Brought about by globalization
We must ensure that the benefits are shared
We must equip Malaysiana better for this new world
We seek a nation that is truly one nation
One in which all Malaysians can share
ONE FOR ALL!!!! (Group)

In the line of vision 2020
Cyberspace has become an important platform
For people to get what they want
It’s the preferred choice
Among the younger generation (like us !!)
Blogging is now becoming a trend
Hey!! Even our politicians have blogs!
The internet cannot be neglected
It is the necessity of lives
What will happen if we do??(Group)
It will be like leaving our swords behind in battle(Group)

As young Malaysians reaching out to Malaysians everywhere
Remind ourselves of the many important roles we play in the society
We can succeed if we want and are assets to our country
I am a Malaysian
Hear me roar!!!!!

We, the teenagers of Malaysia want a country
Founded on security, peace and prosperity
Upholding the principles of our Rukun Negara
We want forward-thinking Malaysians
To meet the challenges of globalization

Let us all work together
Hand in hand to create a better tomorrow
One voice
One hope
One nation
One Malaysia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Dearest friends and teachers, Anybody out there can help me out with choral speaking competition ? I feel quite difficult to arrange the tone and rhythm, body movements and so on.At present, my students are still memorising the script and the tournament is on the 14th June 2009. I think within the duration of 5 more days the students will be able to memorise the script. Any ideas ?

Saying hello to everyone !

Assalamualaikum and warm wishes to everyone. This is my first attempt to create a blog and I am elated that I've made it. Hopefully by having my own blog I can share or get valuable information from friends all over the world. Ideas, feedbacks, suggestions or anything related to any issues are welcomed especially about education ( I'm a teacher, of course ! ). Happy blogging !